The Real Truth About BP and What is Happening in the Gulf

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kurt Nimmo
June 25, 2010
BP is engaged in criminal negligence. It only pretends to clean-up its mess when government officials arrive for photo-ops. BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama.



Friday, June 25, 2010

This sounds like a BS theory to me. But this is "documented disaster" - all relevant information will be included. Notice this entry is labeled under "conspiracy theories", "worst case scenario", "the earth could explode", "abiotic oil theory" and "crackpot diversion".


Gulf oil spill - Gulf oil spill News Summaries | Newser

Nice feature on Newser- Pick a date to view the headlines.
Gulf oil spill - Gulf oil spill News Summaries | Newser


Is oil catastrophe fulfillment of Genesis prophecy?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is oil catastrophe fulfillment of Genesis prophecy?


Obama: No Oil Skimmers to the Gulf Because "They Might Be Needed Somewhere Else"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SharpElbows.Net Video


Alex Jones Gives His Full Report of The BP Gulf Oil Spill "False Flag" Event

Alex Jones explains his BP oil disaster conspiracy theory in great detail. Summary- The BP oil disaster was a false flag event planned and executed in order to direct the U.S. population into support of a global carbon tax. Alex's theory parallels Glenn Beck's theory.

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Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted by New Orleans Federal Judge - Bloomberg

A New Orleans federal judge lifted the six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling imposed by President Barack Obama following the largest oil spill in U.S. history. Drilling services shares jumped on the news.

Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted by New Orleans Federal Judge - Bloomberg


Glenn Beck - Lays out his BP Oil Spill Conspiracy Theory

Monday, June 21, 2010

GLENN:...Center For American Progress is the group funded by George Soros that selected John Podesta, and John Podesta selected the White House team... Soros has purchased $900 million of Petrobras. That's P E T R O B R A S, Petrobras. Then we have the BP oil spill as the next stop on this circle of life. Tony Podesta is the PR person for BP oil...
PAT: Why does that name sound familiar? Tony Podesta.
GLENN: John Podesta's brother.
GLENN: So the Center For American Progress, now according to the Wall Street Journal, is the one making the policy for this cap and trade and this oil spill. They are the ones that have come out on one day and say you — the White House needs to do this. Two days later, the White House does it. Next day, White House needs to do this. Few days later, the White House does it. And the White House — the Wall Street Journal just did an article on this last week and said, look who's controlling the oil policy. But they left it at that.

One of the policies that they recommended is that we suspend drilling. And they said that not only do we need to suspend deepwater drilling but all drilling. Guess what the White House comes out with? Now, this is going to cost us in six months, it will cost us $2 billion. How many dollars a day are we losing on this?

STU: Up to $330 million a month I believe it is.

GLENN: There are, already three — sorry, 35 oil rigs out there that the equipment now is sitting idle and there are bids from other countries on those oil rigs. They are not going to sit there idle. They are going to be leased to somebody. The oil industry is saying, guys, this is going to kill us. Listen to that. The oil industry is saying, this is going to kill us to suspend all drilling. Why? Because the oil rigs are not going to — they are not going to be there. They are going to be — they are going to be leased some place else. Also, the most dangerous time to an oil rig is when you are shutting it down. That's the danger point. So we're going to shut down all oil rigs in the water, lose all that money and then lose possibly a lot of the oil rigs. We won't get them back. That was a suggestion from the Center For American Progress. Obama said we have to do that because 1500 meters of water is too deep to drill in.

In a completely unrelated story, Petrobras has announced that they are going to do deepwater drilling at 2,777 meters, almost twice the distance under the surface of the water as Deep Horizons in the Gulf of Mexico. Why did you hear Petrobras? Oh, yeah, that's right. It's over on the other side of the blackboard. George Soros has $900 million in Petrobras stock. It is his number one investment. Remember, he's the guy who started Center For American Progress that is currently making the policy. Obama suspends drilling because 1500 feet is too dangerous. Petrobras says that they are going to make a — they are going to drill for oil at 2700 feet, and Obama decides to make a loan for $2 billion to Petrobras for this particular drill site.

Now, why would we give up our drilling equipment? Why would we say it's too dangerous in 1500 meters and then make a $2 billion loan to Petrobras, $2 billion so they can drill 2777 meters, almost twice the distance. Well, it's good news if you are a shareholder for Petrobras because now you can go and drill. You have the equipment, you have the money and you have the backing of the United oh, wait a minute. That's right. George Soros, his major investment is in... Petrobras. It is Crime, Inc. The circle of corruption. I have so much more on this we're readying for you for 5:00 today. You need to see it. It's one of these shows that you are going to need to videotape because it's going to take me an hour to go through all of this and show you all of the connections.
Read the entire transcript here- Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Glenn Beck: Radio chalkboard
Here's the 5:00 Video-


Alex Jones Calls For Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill

Why did current CEO of BP Tony Hayward dump approximately one-third of his BP stocks before the oil crisis? Why did Goldman Sachs dump a hefty 44% of its BP stock prior to, particularly given that Peter Sutherland was formerly CEO of both BP and Goldman Sachs at the same time? What are the odds that former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s firm Halliburton would purchase a company which “focuses on oil spill prevention and blowout response,” just weeks before the so-called ‘biggest environmental crisis’ of all time would strike?
Read the full Infowars Article Here - Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital to Gulf Recovery


PBS Live Gulf Oil Tracker

This tracker widget was found on Barack Obama's Oil Spill's Blog


BP oil spill: leak found in rig weeks before blast - Telegraph

Professor Tad Patzek, petroleum expert at the University of Texas, told the BBC: "That is unacceptable. If you see any evidence of the blowout preventer not functioning properly, you should fix it by whatever means possible."
BP oil spill: leak found in rig weeks before blast - Telegraph



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Headlines from today's Drudge Report:



BP's Restarts Drillship System After 10-Hour Lapse...

Tarballs found on beach at Panama City...

Local officials frustrated by delays, red tape...

Oil spill 'could keep gushing for another two to four years' if not stopped... 

As Pay Czar Promises Money, Workers Turned Away From BP Claims Center...

CNN to air telethon...


PBS Live Tracker

Disaster Defined

An occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress; a catastrophe.

A disaster is a perceived tragedy, being either a natural calamity or man-made catastrophe. It is a hazard which has come to fruition. A hazard, in turn, is a situation which poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or that may deleteriously affect society or an environment.

In the modern world, the traditional view of natural disasters as punishments for human wickedness has given way to the scientific study of the causes of seemingly unpredictable acts of nature. In recent years, however, scholars have placed more emphasis on the roles played by greed and indifference to potential human suffering in many seemingly "natural" disasters.

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