Day 255 - Jesse Ventura Brings Gulf Oil Spill Theories To Mainstream America

Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Jesse Ventura brings the truth about the Gulf oil spill to mainstream America


Day 145 - Bottom kill - this weekend

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 'bottom kill' procedure, in which the well is filled with mud and cement, will start this weekend — closing for good the well that spewed 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil spill: Final seal of BP well to begin -


Day 137 - Failed blowout preventer removed from well

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Photo of Blowout Preventer by uscgd8
U.S. Coast Guard Eighth District External Affairs
Story - BusinessWeek

BP PLC said the blowout preventer that failed to stop oil from spewing into the Gulf of Mexico was removed from the company's well on Friday afternoon.

The process of raising it to the surface was to be painstaking because engineers want to make sure not to damage or drop the contraption. The blowout preventer wasn't expected to reach the surface until Saturday, at which point government investigators will take possession of it.

The blowout preventer is considered a key piece of evidence in the spill investigation. Investigators will examine it and hope to gain insight into why the device failed to prevent the spill. Late Friday, the government said another blowout preventer had successfully been placed on the blown-out well.


Federal inquiry takes aim at BP's corporate culture on safety

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Testimony... showed that five high-ranking BP officials supervising the well drilling by the Deepwater Horizon each had less than six months of experience in their jobs.

Source article: Deepwater Horizon, gulf oil spill: Federal inquiry takes aim at BP's corporate culture on safety -


Evidence experts to oversee blowout preventer recovery

McClatchy news from Friday, August 27, 2010

WASHINGTON — A criminal evidence recovery team from the Justice Department will be on hand Saturday as BP begins the multi-day task of disconnecting the failed blowout preventer from its Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico and lifting it to the surface.

Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the Obama administration's point man on the Gulf oil disaster, said the Justice Department team would be joined in supervising the recovery 48 miles off the Lousiana coast by representatives of a joint Coast Guard-Interior Department commission that is investigating the causes of the April 20 explosion that killed 11 oilrig workers and triggered the gusher that cost the Gulf coast economy billions of dollars in damage.

"They've been allowed unfettered access to observe and record the entire removal process and the recovery process as this takes places," Allen said Friday during a briefing for reporters.

Read more: Evidence experts to oversee blowout preventer recovery | McClatchy


NOAA Scientist: Release of Oil Spill Report done by White House, Not NOAA

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Bill Lehr, yesterday told a group of Congressional staff investigators on a conference call that a controversial National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) report claiming that nearly three-quarters of the oil from the Gulf oil spill has already been addressed was released by White House officials and not scientists at NOAA.

The NOAA scientist told congressional investigators that the data backing up the assertions made in the report is still unavailable and that peer review of the report is still not complete. Officials at an August 4 White House press briefing had said that the report had been thoroughly peer reviewed.

Read the rest here - NOAA Scientist: Release of Oil Spill Report done by White House, Not NOAA


Deepwater Horizon oil plume more than twice all natural seeps in the northern Gulf of Mexico  Published: Thursday, August 19, 2010, 2:00 PM     Updated: Thursday, August 19, 2010, 8:42 PM

In a peer-reviewed article published today in Sciencexpress, an online research magazine, the scientists say the concentration of toxic constituents of oil found in the plume indicate that twice as much oil was being supplied by the wellhead to that plume than was released by all natural petroleum seeps in the northern Gulf of Mexico, which means the plume itself could not have been created by the seeps.


Major study charts long-lasting oil plume in Gulf

Health and Science Wire -
By SETH BORENSTEIN - AP Science Writer
WASHINGTON -- A 22-mile-long invisible mist of oil is meandering far below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, where it will probably loiter for months or more, scientists reported Thursday in the first conclusive evidence of an underwater plume from the BP spill.
The most worrisome part is the slow pace at which the oil is breaking down in the cold, 40-degree water, making it a long-lasting but unseen threat to vulnerable marine life, experts said.
Earlier this month, top federal officials declared the oil in the spill was mostly "gone," and it is gone in the sense you can't see it. But the chemical ingredients of the oil persist more than a half-mile beneath the surface, researchers found.

Read more:


Gulf Coast beach closings, oil slick and fishing ban map

Friday, August 6, 2010


Oil Spill Whoppers

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Click the fish to view the story at
Photo by BruceTurner


It's been over 100 days since since the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded and caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico

Monday, August 2, 2010

Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig


Day 100 - NYTimes says Gulf Surface Oil "Vanishing Quickly"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be dissolving far more rapidly than anyone expected -


Relief Well Operations - Good Video

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Marine Patriot: Relief Well Operations


Clean-Up Crews Can't Find Crude in the Gulf

Experts Say Oil is Breaking Up, Staying Below Surface - ABC News
At its peak last month, the oil slick was the size of Kansas, but it has been rapidly shrinking, now down to the size of New Hampshire.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The crucial piece of the rig's safety equipment, the blow-out preventer – the last line of defence against an out-of-control well – subsequently failed to activate and is at the center of investigations into what caused the disaster.

Guardian News is reporting that this device was overhauled by a Chinese contractor in 2005.

It is understood that lawyers for Cameron International, the manufacturer of the BOP, will argue the device was so significantly modified in China that it no longer resembled the original component, and that Cameron should therefore not be held liable. It would be almost impossible to secure damages in China, where international law is barely recognized.

Experts say that the practice of having such engineering work carried out in China, rather than the US, saves money and is common in the industry.

Read the entire article at the source - BP oil spill: failed safety device on Deepwater Horizon rig was modified in China | Environment | The Observer

Photo Source


Day 91, "Undetermined Anomalies" at the well head

Monday, July 19, 2010

BP Gulf Spill Disaster: Engineers Detect Seepage Near BP's Capped Oil Well - CNBC


Day 87, BP Reports - THE WELL IS CAPPED!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

BP: No oil leaking into Gulf from busted well

How Much Oil Has Leaked Into the Gulf of Mexico?


BP Attaches New Sealing Cap to Leaking Well

Monday, July 12, 2010


Adm.Thad Allen Says BP 'Very Close' to Stopping Oil From Gushing Into the Gulf of Mexico

ABC News


New cap to take days to fit


Time for a little perspective on oil spills

Truth & Consequences


Oil Spill Timeline by RightChange

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.
Thanks for the link C.D.


Top Hat Number 10 to be installed this weekend.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

NEW ORLEANS – Undersea robots manipulated by engineers a mile above were expected to begin work Saturday removing the containmentcap over the gushing well head in the Gulf of Mexico to replace it with a tighter-fitting cap that could funnel all the oil to tankers at the surface.
If all goes according to plan, the tandem of the tighter cap and the tankers could keep all the oil from polluting the fragile Gulf as soon as Monday.
But it would be only a temporary solution to the catastrophe unleashed by a drilling rig explosion nearly 12 weeks ago. It won't plug the busted well and it remains uncertain that it will succeed.
When the cap is removed, oil will flow mostly unabated into the water for about 48 hours — long enough for as much as 5 million gallons to gush out — until the new cap is installed.
The hope for a permanent solution remains with two relief wells intended to plug it completely far beneath the seafloor.
"I use the word 'contained,'" said retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen. "'Stop' is when we put the plug in down below."
If all goes well, it could still be a week before they really know if the cap is containing most of the spill, Coast Guard Capt. James McPherson said Saturday. Testing has to be done on the new cap if and when it's in place to make sure it can withstand the pressure of the gushing oil.
Crews using remote-controlled submarines plan to swap out the cap over the weekend, taking advantage of a window of good weather following weeks of delays caused by choppy seas.
The cap now in use was installed June 4, but because it had to be fitted over a jagged cut in the well pipe, it allows some crude to escape. The new cap — dubbed "Top Hat Number 10" — follows 80 days of failures to contain or plug the leak.
Feds cautious on timing for new cap in Gulf leak - Yahoo! News


Infowars - Toxic Gulf: Citizen Journos Do What Corporate Media Will Not

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Gulf is being poisoned by BP’s usage of the dispersants even after the EPA asked them to stop back in May.
Read the article HERE.


Federal government continues to block local efforts to protect local land

"We don't have time for meetings, we don't have time for red tape," Jindal has said. "Get in the game to win."

Jindal has used similar highly critical language to poke at the Obama administration for more than a month.

"No is not a plan," the governor said at a press conference today.

BP Oil Spill: Plan Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Supports Draws Criticism from Federal Government and Scientists - ABC News


Accounts of the events immediately before and after the Deepwater Horizon explosion

There Was 'Nobody in Charge'


Day 80, NEWS FLASH - The oil is still gushing.

This tracker widget was found on Barack Obama's Oil Spill's Blog


Our Government-Regulated Oil Spill

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Read the article at Scragged


Gulf oil spill likely to reach Florida Keys

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Read the story at the LA Times.


Understanding the BP Blowout and Its Implications

Here's a link to a document by Bill White: Understanding the BP Blowout and Its Implications


Gulf Oil Spill: A Whale

Saturday, July 3, 2010


BP spill nears a somber record as Gulf's biggest

Thursday, July 1, 2010

By TOM BREEN and SETH BORENSTEIN Associated Press Writers

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - BP's massive oil spill will become the largest ever in the Gulf of Mexico by Thursday based on the highest of the federal government's estimates, an ominous record that underscores the oil giant's dire need to halt the gusher.

The oil that's spewed for two and a half months from a blown-out well a mile under the sea is expected to surpass the 140 million gallon mark, eclipsing the record-setting Ixtoc I spill off Mexico's coast from 1979 to 1980. Even by the lower end of the government's estimates, at least 71.2 million gallons are in the Gulf.

Read the rest of the story here: KOMO News


CNN Amplifies Clinton's Call: To blow up the well

Should Obama Blow Up The Oil Well?


Here's my take (for what it is worth) - Blowing up the well will not stop the flow.


Finally: Feds to accept help from 12 countries in dealing with oil spill (After 70 days !!)

Free Republic


World’s largest oil skimmer heads to Gulf spill « Colonel6's Blog

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Taiwanese-flagged former tanker named the “A Whale” is the length of 3 1/2 football fields and stands 10 stories high. It just emerged from an extensive retrofitting to prepare it specifically for the Gulf, where officials hope it will be able to suck up as much as 21 million gallons of oil-fouled water per day.

Read the rest at Colonel6's Blog

World’s largest oil skimmer heads to Gulf spill -


Unified Command for the BP Oil Spill | Flow Rate Group Provides Preliminary Best Estimate Of Oil Flowing from BP Oil Well

Unified Command for the BP Oil Spill | Flow Rate Group Provides Preliminary Best Estimate Of Oil Flowing from BP Oil Well


The Oil Drum | Storm Watch, 28 June 2010 and BP's Deepwater Oil Spill Open Thread

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Oil Drum | Storm Watch, 28 June 2010 and BP's Deepwater Oil Spill Open Thread


BP oil spill - Monday 28 June | Environment |

BP oil spill - Monday 28 June | Environment |


Bill Clinton: "Blow up the well" - Video

Monday, June 28, 2010



Planned Evacuation of 18 Gulf Coast Cities

Fellowship of the Minds


Each day, another way to define worst-case for oil spill

"We're going to have to evacuate the gulf states," said Matt Simmons, founder of Simmons and Co., an oil investment firm and, since the April 20 blowout, the unflagging source of end-of-the-world predictions. "Can you imagine evacuating 20 million people? . . . This story is 80 times worse than I thought."
Washington Post


Day 70, NEWS FLASH - The oil is still gushing.

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Media Blackout in the Gulf

Sunday, June 27, 2010

“What's happening is there's a complete media blackout,” Fox stated to Veritas host Mel Fabregas, adding that security staff “are arresting people with cameras. ... I was told off-camera that if they're [local workers] caught talking to people, they are going to go to jail."
Read the whole story at Epoch Times


Oil washes onto Mississippi coast for first time

Reuters AlertNet


Drilling the Gulf Relief Well

Great footage of massive relief well drilling operation. Pray they intersect the well- It won't be easy. Listen to Jeffrey Kofman describe the procedure in the last 30 seconds of the video:

"Now this is nothing less than precision drilling. What they are looking for 18,000 feet down is a hole about nine inches across - the size of a Frisbee. And the reason it is going to take another six or seven weeks to go that last 1,800 feet is that they have to drill 60 feet, pull the drill bit out, put a magnet down attached to a 16,000 foot wire, find the pipe of that broken well, get their bearings, drill ahead 60 feet, pull it out and keep going back and forth. And we have to emphasize that while they have drilled many relief wells before, they have never done it at this depth."


BP relief well drilling ahead of schedule



Oil spill's psychological toll quietly mounts

Yahoo! News


MSNBC: Oil Spill Unstoppable?? « Colonel6's Blog

MSNBC: Oil Spill Unstoppable?? « Colonel6's Blog


The Real Truth About BP and What is Happening in the Gulf

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kurt Nimmo
June 25, 2010
BP is engaged in criminal negligence. It only pretends to clean-up its mess when government officials arrive for photo-ops. BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama.



Friday, June 25, 2010

This sounds like a BS theory to me. But this is "documented disaster" - all relevant information will be included. Notice this entry is labeled under "conspiracy theories", "worst case scenario", "the earth could explode", "abiotic oil theory" and "crackpot diversion".


Gulf oil spill - Gulf oil spill News Summaries | Newser

Nice feature on Newser- Pick a date to view the headlines.
Gulf oil spill - Gulf oil spill News Summaries | Newser


Is oil catastrophe fulfillment of Genesis prophecy?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is oil catastrophe fulfillment of Genesis prophecy?


Obama: No Oil Skimmers to the Gulf Because "They Might Be Needed Somewhere Else"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SharpElbows.Net Video


Alex Jones Gives His Full Report of The BP Gulf Oil Spill "False Flag" Event

Alex Jones explains his BP oil disaster conspiracy theory in great detail. Summary- The BP oil disaster was a false flag event planned and executed in order to direct the U.S. population into support of a global carbon tax. Alex's theory parallels Glenn Beck's theory.

Segment 1 of 5

Segment 2 of 5

Segment 3 of 5

Segment 4 of 5

Segment 5 of 5


Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted by New Orleans Federal Judge - Bloomberg

A New Orleans federal judge lifted the six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling imposed by President Barack Obama following the largest oil spill in U.S. history. Drilling services shares jumped on the news.

Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted by New Orleans Federal Judge - Bloomberg


Glenn Beck - Lays out his BP Oil Spill Conspiracy Theory

Monday, June 21, 2010

GLENN:...Center For American Progress is the group funded by George Soros that selected John Podesta, and John Podesta selected the White House team... Soros has purchased $900 million of Petrobras. That's P E T R O B R A S, Petrobras. Then we have the BP oil spill as the next stop on this circle of life. Tony Podesta is the PR person for BP oil...
PAT: Why does that name sound familiar? Tony Podesta.
GLENN: John Podesta's brother.
GLENN: So the Center For American Progress, now according to the Wall Street Journal, is the one making the policy for this cap and trade and this oil spill. They are the ones that have come out on one day and say you — the White House needs to do this. Two days later, the White House does it. Next day, White House needs to do this. Few days later, the White House does it. And the White House — the Wall Street Journal just did an article on this last week and said, look who's controlling the oil policy. But they left it at that.

One of the policies that they recommended is that we suspend drilling. And they said that not only do we need to suspend deepwater drilling but all drilling. Guess what the White House comes out with? Now, this is going to cost us in six months, it will cost us $2 billion. How many dollars a day are we losing on this?

STU: Up to $330 million a month I believe it is.

GLENN: There are, already three — sorry, 35 oil rigs out there that the equipment now is sitting idle and there are bids from other countries on those oil rigs. They are not going to sit there idle. They are going to be leased to somebody. The oil industry is saying, guys, this is going to kill us. Listen to that. The oil industry is saying, this is going to kill us to suspend all drilling. Why? Because the oil rigs are not going to — they are not going to be there. They are going to be — they are going to be leased some place else. Also, the most dangerous time to an oil rig is when you are shutting it down. That's the danger point. So we're going to shut down all oil rigs in the water, lose all that money and then lose possibly a lot of the oil rigs. We won't get them back. That was a suggestion from the Center For American Progress. Obama said we have to do that because 1500 meters of water is too deep to drill in.

In a completely unrelated story, Petrobras has announced that they are going to do deepwater drilling at 2,777 meters, almost twice the distance under the surface of the water as Deep Horizons in the Gulf of Mexico. Why did you hear Petrobras? Oh, yeah, that's right. It's over on the other side of the blackboard. George Soros has $900 million in Petrobras stock. It is his number one investment. Remember, he's the guy who started Center For American Progress that is currently making the policy. Obama suspends drilling because 1500 feet is too dangerous. Petrobras says that they are going to make a — they are going to drill for oil at 2700 feet, and Obama decides to make a loan for $2 billion to Petrobras for this particular drill site.

Now, why would we give up our drilling equipment? Why would we say it's too dangerous in 1500 meters and then make a $2 billion loan to Petrobras, $2 billion so they can drill 2777 meters, almost twice the distance. Well, it's good news if you are a shareholder for Petrobras because now you can go and drill. You have the equipment, you have the money and you have the backing of the United oh, wait a minute. That's right. George Soros, his major investment is in... Petrobras. It is Crime, Inc. The circle of corruption. I have so much more on this we're readying for you for 5:00 today. You need to see it. It's one of these shows that you are going to need to videotape because it's going to take me an hour to go through all of this and show you all of the connections.
Read the entire transcript here- Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Glenn Beck: Radio chalkboard
Here's the 5:00 Video-


Alex Jones Calls For Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill

Why did current CEO of BP Tony Hayward dump approximately one-third of his BP stocks before the oil crisis? Why did Goldman Sachs dump a hefty 44% of its BP stock prior to, particularly given that Peter Sutherland was formerly CEO of both BP and Goldman Sachs at the same time? What are the odds that former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s firm Halliburton would purchase a company which “focuses on oil spill prevention and blowout response,” just weeks before the so-called ‘biggest environmental crisis’ of all time would strike?
Read the full Infowars Article Here - Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital to Gulf Recovery


PBS Live Gulf Oil Tracker

This tracker widget was found on Barack Obama's Oil Spill's Blog


BP oil spill: leak found in rig weeks before blast - Telegraph

Professor Tad Patzek, petroleum expert at the University of Texas, told the BBC: "That is unacceptable. If you see any evidence of the blowout preventer not functioning properly, you should fix it by whatever means possible."
BP oil spill: leak found in rig weeks before blast - Telegraph



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Headlines from today's Drudge Report:



BP's Restarts Drillship System After 10-Hour Lapse...

Tarballs found on beach at Panama City...

Local officials frustrated by delays, red tape...

Oil spill 'could keep gushing for another two to four years' if not stopped... 

As Pay Czar Promises Money, Workers Turned Away From BP Claims Center...

CNN to air telethon...


A Glimmer of Hope - After big 1979 spill, a stunning recovery

Friday, June 18, 2010

After big 1979 spill, a stunning recovery - Nation/World -


Day 60, NEWS FLASH - The oil is still gushing.

YouTube - BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Cam - Huge Black Plumes Still Gushing

Hayward estimates size of oil field at 2B gallons

Drudge Reports - "First Dead Whale Found"

What's the plan?

Who's in Charge?

Oil Spill Surprise: Who's in charge of BP's oil rig safety? Not the USA

Against Gov. Bobby Jindal's Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard - ABC News

Oil spill highlights Government's subservience to big business


BBC News - Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico in maps and graphics

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BBC News - Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico in maps and graphics


Day 57 - Scientists: Oil leaking up to 2.52M gallons daily

Scientists provided a new estimate for the amount of oil gushing from the ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday that indicates it could be leaking up to 2.52 million gallons of crude a day. A government panel of scientists said that the ruptured well is leaking between 1.47 million and 2.52 million gallons of oil daily. The figures move the government's worst-case estimates more in line with what an independent team had previously thought was the maximum size of the spill.

Read the rest here- The Associated Press: Scientists: Oil leaking up to 2.52M gallons daily
These latest estimates indicate that the ruptured well is leaking between 35,000 and 60,000 barrels per day!!!

According to Wikipedia-
In their permit to drill the well, BP estimated the worst case flow at 162,000 barrels per day. BP initially estimated that the wellhead was leaking only 1,000 barrels a day. On April 28, 2010, based on satellite pictures, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimated that the leak was likely 5,000 barrels a day. Geologist and oil industry consultant John Amos said a more realistic figure was 20,000 barrels a day and oceanographer Ian MacDonald and other sources using satellite imagery put the number as high as 25,000 barrels a day.
The White House was told within 24 hours of the explosion that 8,000 barrels a day could escape.

Barrel (volume) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Deepwater Horizon oil spill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Day 56, Monday 6/14/2010 - Congress Releases BP Documents

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MSNBC- Documents reveal BP's missteps before blowout
WSJ- BP Crew Focused on Costs
AP Release- BP cut corners in days before blowout
Brietbart- BP cut corners in days before blowout

House Energy and Commerce Committee released documents:
Chairmen Send Letter to BP CEO Prior to Hearing

    Letter to Tony Hayward, CEO,  BP
    BP - Application for Bypass
    BP Email from MMS approving permit revisions, April 16, 2010
    BP Email calling Macondo a nightmare well, April 14, 2010
    BP Email Exchange about Centralizers, April 16, 2010
    BP Email Exchange on Transporting Centralizers, April 16, 2010
    BP Email on Updated Lockdown Sleeve Procedure, April 16, 2010
    BP - Daily Operations Report, April 18, 2010
    BP - Drilling & Completions MOC Initiate
    BP Email - Long string saves time, March 25, 2010
    BP Email - String costs less than tieback, March 30, 2010
    BP - Production Casing & TA Options-Liner Preferred Long Version
    BP - Production Casing & TA Options-Liner Preferred Short Version
    BP - Production Casing TA Options-String Again Best Option
    Halliburton Email about Rearranging Centralizers, April 15, 2010
    Halliburton - Energy and Commerce Committee Staff Briefing, June 3, 2010
    Halliburton - Production Casing Design Report, April 15, 2010 (minor)
    Halliburton - Production Casing Design Report, April 15, 2010 (moderate)
    Halliburton - Production Casing Design Report, April 18, 2010 (severe)
    Macondo Prospect Well Information
    BP-Macondo Well Casing Production Operations
    Schlumberger Mississippi Canyon Block 252 Timeline
    Schlumberger - Cost of Completing Cement Bond Log v. Canceled Contingency
    Transocean Internal Investigation Update Interim Report, June 8, 2010 [Page 9 Updated on June 14, 2010]


    Lt. Gen. Honoré : Declare World War III on oil spill in Gulf of Mexico


    Special To The Tampa Tribune

    Published: June 8, 2010 (Day 50)-

    We must fight the BP oil spill more like World War III and less like a PR, brand-protection campaign.

    Initially, there was too much finger pointing about who was to blame, then who was in charge and then who really is in charge.

    The bottom line: BP approves all payments. How much money is paid to fishermen who can't fish? How much is paid to fishing boat crewmen? How much is paid to hotels, restaurants and fishing guides with no customers?

    You tell me, who really is in charge? It's like being mugged and allowing the mugger to decide your level of compensation.

    Again, we must fight this BP oil spill like WW III. We can start by declaring this a national disaster. The governors need to request this, and the president must approve it. The Stafford Act pays for compensation to people, and the Small Business Administration provides grants.
    Read the entire commentary here -Declare World War III on oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

    June 14, 2010 (Day 56)- Lt. Gen. Honoré appears on CNN Anderson Cooper 360 and draws up a battle plan. Here's the video:

    Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Honoré on oil: Declare World War III « - Blogs

    Lt. Gen. Honoré has been saying this since at least Day 42. Here's video:
    CNN — May 31, 2010 — Season 1 Ep. 1 — CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks to retired Lt. General Russel Honoré and historian Douglas Brinkley about the oil spill. Honoré : "We've got to take this oil on like we are fighting a war".

    Update: US NORTHCOM may be in the process of executing a plan similar to that described by Honoré. From Intel Hub: USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil :
    -USNORTHCOM has admitted that they are preparing military operations
    -they will be working with DHS, state and local law enforcement
    -the drill will be in the Gulf area supporting civilian authorities with fighting an unconventional foe

    The "unconventional foe" may describe "oil washing ashore"
    "They anticipate no infrastructure and possible extreme weather conditions" may simply mean "they are sending troops and hurricane season is approaching".
    -The survival of thousand Americans rests on this training
    -their could be a mass evacuation of the Gulf
    -there has (already) been reports of hardened troops building up in the Gulf


    Day 55, Sunday 6/13/2010 - Obama Tells Politico the Oil Spill is Like 9-11… Then Goes Golfing for 4 Hours

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    The Politico
    The Gulf oil spill was like 9-11

    Read the full post at Gateway Pundit


    Conspiracy Cause Theory C - Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag - Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag

    - Sales of shares and stocks in days and weeks beforehand
    - Halliburton link, acquisition of cleanup company days before explosion
    - BP report cites undocumented tampering with well sealing equipment
    - Government uses disaster to push for Carbon Tax, Nationalization talk

    See the growing list of conspiracy theories here - Documented Disaster: BP Gulf Oil Disaster - List of Conspiracy Theories


    May Levels of Toxic Gases in Gulf Back Up Claim Made by Lindsey Williams « Colonel6's Blog

    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    May Levels of Toxic Gases in Gulf Back Up Claim Made by Lindsey Williams « Colonel6's Blog


    What caused the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon?

    Research Links-
    Deepwater Horizon: A chronology -
    Heated Argument on Rig Before Blast « Colonel6's Blog
    What caused the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon?
    Timeline of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Deepwater Horizon oil spill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Key Events That Led To Deepwater Blowout : NPR
    Survivor Recalls Deepwater Horizon Blast - 60 Minutes - CBS News


    Key players on the rig leading up to the blowout

    The following people are reported to have been involved in the "skirmish" over drilling procedures which preceded the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

    Robert Kaluza - BP "company man," well site leader.
    According to The Atlantic, Kaluza said: "this is how it's going to be,"

    Donald Vidrine - BP "company man," BP's top official on the rig.

    Jimmy Harrell - Deepwater Horizon installation manager, a top employee of rig owner Transocean.
    Harrell quotes before the fire according to The Atlantic-
    Grumbling after the discussion: "I guess that's what we have those pincers for," referring to the blowout preventer on the sea floor that is supposed to be the last resort to prevent a leak in the event of an emergency.

    Harrell quotes after the fire according to The Atlantic-
    "Are you fucking happy? Are you fucking happy? The rig's on fire! I told you this was gonna happen."... "I am fucking calm,"... "You realize the rig is burning?"

    In addition, the following people have issued statements-

    Doug Brown - chief rig mechanic aboard the platform
    According to the AP-

    Doug Brown, chief rig mechanic aboard the platform, testified that the trouble began at a meeting hours before the blowout, with a "skirmish" between a BP official and rig workers who did not want to replace heavy drilling fluid in the well with saltwater.

    The switch presumably would have allowed the company to remove the fluid and use it for another project, but the seawater would have provided less weight to counteract the surging pressure from the ocean depths.

    Brown said the BP official, whom he identified only as the "company man," overruled the drillers, declaring, "This is how it's going to be." Brown said the top Transocean official on the rig grumbled, "Well, I guess that's what we have those pinchers for," which he took to be a reference to devices on the blowout preventer, the five-story piece of equipment that can slam a well shut in an emergency.
    Truitt Crawford - Transocean rig worker
    According to the AP-
    In a handwritten statement to the Coast Guard obtained by the AP, Transocean rig worker Truitt Crawford said: "I overheard upper management talking saying that BP was taking shortcuts by displacing the well with saltwater instead of mud without sealing the well with cement plugs, this is why it blew out."
    Mike Williams - Transocean's chief electronics technician
    According to The Atlantic-
    Transocean's chief electronics technician, Mike Williams, also recalled the argument but named a different BP "company man," BP's top official on the rig, Donald Vidrine.
    Heated Argument on Rig Before Blast « Colonel6's Blog
    'The Rig's on Fire! I Told You This Was Gonna Happen!' - National - The Atlantic
    Oil Rig Official Says He Tried to Activate Emergency System -
    Oil Rig Official Says He Tried to Activate Emergency System -
    AP Exclusive: Workers describe failures on oil rig
    Top BP official on oil rig takes the fifth; another says too sick to testify | Raw Story
    Half of the dueling duo will be absent in Coast Guard hearings today *Update* | NewsWatch: Energy | - Houston Chronicle


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    Disaster Defined

    An occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress; a catastrophe.

    A disaster is a perceived tragedy, being either a natural calamity or man-made catastrophe. It is a hazard which has come to fruition. A hazard, in turn, is a situation which poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or that may deleteriously affect society or an environment.

    In the modern world, the traditional view of natural disasters as punishments for human wickedness has given way to the scientific study of the causes of seemingly unpredictable acts of nature. In recent years, however, scholars have placed more emphasis on the roles played by greed and indifference to potential human suffering in many seemingly "natural" disasters.

    The excerpts above are from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language Fourth Edition, Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia of American History. Retrieved June 04, 2010, from Web site:

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